Tuesday, September 23, 2008


SO excited about my new website... Our best friend Mark Frazer did it for me. Please pass along if you know of anyone interested.


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Cooking in the South with Johnnie Gabriel

I have to brag for a second and share with you a great success story! My mom has had a close knit group of girlfriends here in Marietta long before I was born. One lady in particular has been as close as a sister to her, Johnnie Gabriel. So much so that she is my Godmother. :) Johnnie opened an INCREDIBLE restaurant in Marietta called Gabriels Desserts years ago. Not only can you order wedding cakes, birthday cakes and desserts, you can now have breakfast, lunch and dinner as well! The homemade veges are my favorite! The thing about Johnnie if you know her is her heart of gold. She loves the Lord and loves serving those around her. She has just published her first cookbook and it is so special. Not only does it have a ton of yummy recipes in it, there are so many personal stories inside Johnnies life. If you are in the need of a good cookbook with recipes that you know you don't have to make once before your guests arrive, this one is for you! It is a classic! You can go to Barnes and Nobel and get it or at her resturant to eat and buy!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

All Aboard the Choo Choo Train!

Andrew and his best buddy Reid turned two and we celebrated with their favorite thing...
CHOO CHOO! We had a blast and the boys rode the train for an hour straight!
Does it get any cuter than this???
The boys and their Sissy's.
"Happy Birthday" shock...
My sweet little family
The boys and their Daddy's
Our sweet friends the Hunters
Sweet boy... look at those legs! Yummy!
Merritt and Bella
So shy...
Kalynn and her girls
"Our boys"

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

First Day of School...Finally!

So the first day of school finally came!!! My kids go to First Baptist Church Preschool on the Marietta Square. Both had a fabulous day and we are so thankful for the
teachers and classes that our kiddos have.
Here is Bella and Andrew eating their "Wa Wa's" (aka Waffles) before school...Here we go!!! Andrew insisted on holding HIS bag!!!
Sweet Ms. Zajac...Bella's teacher
Sweet Ms. Jennifer, Andrew's teacher. Look at him cutting his eyes at her! He knew he found love when he found a Barney book for her to read to him...
Great first day! Hey Mommy!

Whoo hoo!!!