Monday, June 30, 2008

The Shack

I wanted to pass along that I went and heard the author of "The Shack" last week and it was great... I don't know if you have read the book but it really is a great read! It is #1 on the New York's Times best sellers list. It reiterates the fact that life is all about your relationship with Jesus, not your religion. Here is the link to listen to him speak. It is worth the time I think!!!

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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Wild Dunes 2008

ALL 9 Grandkids with Cici:
Luke, John Allen, Jared, Andrew, Cici, Merritt, Jake, Bella, Cooper and Emma

This year was a blast at Wild Dunes. It is crazy that I started going there when I was 8 years old and now I am taking my two kids there! All 9 kids and 4 adults piled in our 3 bedroom condo. Everyone really did awesome! It was so worth being crowded to have all the cousins together for a week. Andrew LOVES, LOVES, LOVES all those boys!!! And they could not have been sweeter to him! The girls played so well all week and now all of Bella's babies are named Emma. We are so blessed to have such a wonderful, healthy family. God is good!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

American Girl... ode to "Julie"

Well... all Bella wanted for her birthday was an American Girl doll, so we surprised her and took her last Friday to lunch at the American Girl Bistro with Grandmother's, Aunts, and cousins. It really was SOO much fun!!! It was what you dream about doing when you have a daughter. After 45 minutes of being completely overwhelmed by ALLL the choices, Bella choose "Julie" the hippie, 1970's girl. She has beautiful long blonde hair and came in a trendy little outfit. Bella has not put Julie down since! She got lots of stuff to dress, bathe, and do Julies hair and yes... to put Julie to bed! Oh the joy of having girls!!!!

Happy Fathers Day!

I just could never have imagined life could be so sweet!!!

We love our Daddy!!! How blessed we are to have a Daddy that values our children beyond words!!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Our Dog Peekaboo

Cooper and I got married very young. It was such a fun and exciting time in our lives, but often lonely for me as Cooper was working all night at the studio earning his Music Business Degree from Belmont University. I literally moved to Nashville not knowing one soul, except the man I married. One day I came home to our apt. from school and something starting attacking my toes. He surprised me and got me a dog named "Peekaboo". She was already named (we would not purposely name our dog that) and was about 5 months old. A lady that Cooper worked with could not keep her anymore and she wanted her to have a good home. At first I was not sure... her nickname at the studio was "pee and poo" b/c that is what she did everywhere! But time passed and we fell in LOVE with our first baby. Well, over the last 9 years she has been a perfect sickness, etc. Two weeks ago that all changed. Bless the baby's heart, she hurt her leg and turns out she has a broken wrist! I will leave out the details but I have to say the Vet has taken incredible care of her and she is on her way to full health again. It is amazing how she can walk around only on 3 legs...we are thankful that she will be okay. So here are some pics of our little Peek in her pink cast...:)