Wednesday, July 23, 2008

SORT IT OUT!!! Designer

A sweet friend of mine designed my logo/business cards for me! You should see my business cards...They are awesome! I just wanted to make sure and pass her info along. She is not
only an incredible Godly woman, but she is extremely talented as well!
Thank you Cara!

Cara Gaskins
Leave The Light On Creations

Monday, July 21, 2008

Sort it Out!

I have started a new business venture! One thing I have always been good at is organizing
and maximizing space. As a mother of two small children I am constantly creating
new storage solutions. I am so excited about this new opportunity!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Destin... oh what fun!

Our Sweet Family
Handsome Boy
My Bella Bug

This was Andrews favorite part of the trip!!! HAHA

Bella conquered swimming this week at the beach! Her favorite
new thing is to throw the ring and dive down to get it!

Andrew and his Daddy... he loved his float!

Mimi and her girls...
Mat Mat and big!
My little beach man! He did not care for the sand at all... most
of the time he sat in a chair and played!
It was such a fun week at the beach! I was not ready at all to come home. Coopers whole family was there. He has two brothers and it is so neat to watch all the guys together
for the week. It was so good to have uninterrupted time all together. Mimi and Papi spoiled us with an incredible place to stay right on the beach. Lots of good talks, shopping, and family time.
We are extremely blessed to have such an incredible family!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Bella turns 4!!!

My Bella turns 4!

All the little ballerinas!

Two of her favorite "girls": LB and Kalynn

Family Princess Bella
She was worn out at the end of the day!!!
Bella wanted a ballet party this year for her birthday. We had her cousin Mary Madison come with a friend and teach ballet moves. It was the cutest thing ever!!!! We transformed our den to a ballet studio... it was fun! After the party family came over for dinner and cake. We felt to blessed to be able to have everyone over to celebrate our sweet little girl.